Kim Checcio – Breaking The Mold
Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Kim Checcio was familiar with a fast-paced life. She grew up as the third of four girls in a military family that moved often, having attended six different elementary schools and even lived in the Philippines. But when her parents divorced, her mom had to raise the girls without any solid career. With some government assistance, the family continued hopping around. “We never really lived in a place that I considered home.” At times, Kim would come home after school and find her house had no electricity or water. “I just remember that feeling of uncertainty at such a young age.”

Kim with her mother and three sisters.

After being the first in her family to attend college, Kim was determined to build a solid foundation. “I wanted my life to feel stable and secure. I was very ambitious; I wanted to be in control of my life.” While building her career in a civilian job with the U.S Navy and pregnant with her third child, a former coworker approached her about Rodan + Fields. Kim shrugged her off, though it was becoming harder for her to balance a job, a family and a desire to have more creativity in her life. “The whole time, I’m working at this job that I hated and wishing for an opportunity to do something I love, to do something I’m passionate about. She was offering me that, but I didn’t see it.”

Seeing Opportunity
When her friend posted “Before and After” photos on Facebook, Kim reached out about getting eye cream. Instead, her friend asked her out to coffee to talk about the business. “It was a no-brainer, and I signed up as a Consultant the next day.” Though Kim was mostly interested in the products, her business took off. Within six weeks, she had recouped her investment, and by the two-month mark, she had earned the Fast Start bonus. “That’s when I realized the power of this business and what it could mean for me and my family.” She shared her results with friends and coworkers, and soon, her team grew. She decided to use her bonus to attend Convention, and a month later, with a lot of hard work, she reached Level V.

Kim celebrating with her R+F team.

Taking Control
Fully aware of the possibilities her R+F business could bring her, and continually inspired by other Consultant stories, Kim set her sights on reaching Premier Executive Consultant (EC) in her first year. “I was just going, going, going.” Then suddenly, she had a month that rocked her growth streak, with Customers cancelling orders and things seemed to start falling apart. But she thought to herself, “Okay, what can I control?” She sought advice from her RFX leader, and within a week, turned the situation around and put her focus on achieving Premier EC like she’d set out to do. Soon after, Kim made the choice to walk away from her full-time job. “When I proposed it to my husband, I was really nervous … I’ll never forget – he said, ‘I believe in this company, and I believe in you.’”

Expanding Her Goals
At one time, Kim was a “check-the-box” person, feeling the need to meet certain milestones to guarantee fulfillment. Now, she trusts her resiliency and relishes in both big moments, like when her best friend reached Level V, and small moments, like picking her kids up from school. “It never gets old, seeing them walk up with that smile and knowing I do this because I took a chance and decided to start my own business.”

Kim and her family.

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5 responses to “Kim Checcio – Breaking The Mold”

  1. Gayla Stout says:

    Love this and your amazing story! You Rock Sister! ❤️ Congrats!

  2. Lyn Cherry says:

    Such a powerful story, Kim! You are definitely doing BIG things. Congratulations!

  3. Kimberly says:

    You are an inspiration!!

  4. Rhiannon says:

    Beautiful story! You are such an inspiration to many and most importantly to your family! ❤️

  5. Kimberly Vaughn says:

    Kim – so happy for you and your dream job! Happy to call you friend too. Love your beautiful family. 💕💫

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