LaChelle Wieme – Serving By Passion And Faith
Tuesday, April 9, 2019

When she was twelve years old, LaChelle Wieme’s grandfather received a heart transplant. Witnessing his long and difficult recovery influenced her to pursue a career in medicine, particularly with regards to relieving pain. “It inspired me to go into healthcare when I was older so I could help people who were suffering.”

Determined to achieve that goal, she pursued studies in nursing and anesthesia. When her neighbor invited her to a Rodan + Fields launch party, LaChelle was in the last semester of her doctorate program in anesthesia practice, taking a double course load. On top of that, she was working as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) and professor as well as taking care of her two children. That same fall, she was also set to speak at four national conferences on anesthesiology. “It was the worst time to consider starting a business.”

LaChelle with her husband and two children.

A Way To Grow
Though LaChelle wasn’t initially interested in skincare, the progress photos her neighbor posted on Facebook inspired her to take action. After seeing her own amazing results, she signed up as a Consultant with the $45 Business Portfolio to receive a discount. She and her husband were saving up to build an outdoor complex for their children, and she needed to find a cheaper way to get products because “skincare wasn’t in my budget.” But during the few spare moments in her days, she’d listen to training calls, even stumbling on an interview with Dr. Fields about the Doctors’ roots in the company. “They [each] had a genuine servant heart, and I loved the fact that they were still practicing dermatology even though they had every resource to just be sitting on a beach, drinking margaritas.”

Passion To Serve
After watching her enthusiasm while preparing her launch party, LaChelle’s husband encouraged her to upgrade to the largest Business Kit. Her passion around the company grew, and she began building her team on the belief that this was a chance to truly change people’s lives. “As a healthcare provider, I never really felt that I was good at sales. I’ve never really done anything like this before. But I believed in the opportunity and what it can do for people, and that I’m capable of it.” She also saw it as a way to give the customer service that she’d been longing to without the restrictions of an efficient hospital environment. “I wasn’t getting as much quality time with my patients as I had been getting [before].”

LaChelle and her team visiting the R+F corporate office in San Francisco.

Becoming a Leader
LaChelle relies heavily on her faith, her family and her desire to see others succeed to push forward both her career in healthcare and in public speaking. She also keeps these core components in mind with her R+F business, especially to keep away fear or feelings of disappointment. She uses an analogy of helping earthquake survivors to describe this: “We’re gonna’ come upon some people and say, ‘Hey, are you okay?’. And they’re gonna’ say, ‘Yep, I’m good,’ … Don’t get distracted by the people who don’t need our help right now because we’ve got people to save.”

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