Maryam Salimpour – Spreading Her Wings
Friday, September 13, 2019

As a self-proclaimed social butterfly, Maryam Salimpour knows how important a supportive community can be in helping someone navigate challenges. After immigrating with her husband from Iran to the U.S. in 2007 for graduate school, she found herself feeling truly isolated for the first time. When she discovered she was pregnant with her first child and discontinued her PhD program in biology to be a stay-at-home mom, the feeling magnified. “I was alone here. I didn’t have any friends or family to help me. I’m a very social, talkative person – I love to work and I love to talk with people. If I’m alone, I feel sick.”

While her husband completed his doctorate studies in engineering, Maryam yearned to find time for herself while still being a present mother to her growing family. In 2013, her husband accepted a teaching position at Oklahoma University, and him, Maryam and their two children uprooted from Texas to start life anew. She considered looking for part-time work or going back to school but was deeply invested in being involved in every part of her children’s lives. “By this point, my life was different. My husband needed full support from me at home and I love to be mom. I love to be focused on my children, but I was looking for something different, something where I could be home, communicate with people and make some additional income.”

Maryam vacationing with her family.

Finding a Fit
One day while scrolling through Facebook, Maryam noticed a post from someone in her network, Azadeh Ali-Moghaddam, about Lash Boost that sparked her interest in Rodan + Fields products. Later, she saw another post from her that introduced the business. “I saw that you could stay at home and be with your kids but still make money, and that’s what I was looking for. I couldn’t go out and work full time, but I needed to make money and needed a way to have that social outlet.” Maryam reached out to Azadeh to learn more and was impressed with how passionately she spoke about her belief in the company. “When you’re talking about this business, you have to be genuine. Hearing your voice and seeing your face, and knowing that you believe in this, makes all the difference.” After doing her own research and trusting the integrity of the brand, she signed up as a Consultant in September of 2018.

Building Through Connections
Though she had no experience in sales, Maryam trusted her independent and social nature to help guide her through her first months of business. “Both my mother and father were teachers, and so was I [in Iran], so I wondered how I could do this. But I had no fear of reaching out to people. When I started this journey, I believed in myself. I said, ‘Okay, I’m not afraid of people and I’m not shy.’ I wanted to talk with people, and this business made it easy to do that because it gave me a subject to start a conversation. Once you have the subject, it’s easy for someone like me to talk to people.” Within her first two weeks of business, she’d already signed on two new business partners, and soon after, she was hitting milestones in the Lead The Way program. “I’m using the best products, and I’m talking about them. That’s my R+F business.”

Maryam and her teammates having fun with R+F face masks

Rediscovering Herself
In August, Maryam ranked second in her region and seventh for her title on her leader boards for business-building activities. Yet, it’s more than success that has made an impact on her. Since starting her business and finding support through her Consultant community, Maryam says that her outlook has completely shifted. “Before, I was alone at home, taking care of my kids and I missed myself. After I became a Consultant, I found myself again. Being with my kids is great, but I wanted something for myself. Now, I have so many R+F friends. This business has really changed my life.” Plus, her business has impacted other areas of her life, including helping her pay for university courses in her pursuit to complete her education and by setting a positive example for her children. “They’re growing up fast and one day, they’ll leave us. I want to take care of them and enjoy this business…I tell other moms that it’s possible to have both when they believe in themselves and believe that this can work. If you really believe and work hard, you can do anything – including this business.”

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2 responses to “Maryam Salimpour – Spreading Her Wings”

  1. Azadeh says:

    I am so very proud of you and all your accomplishments my dear! It is a pleasure to work with a smart, gorgeous lady like you!

  2. Cindy Ross~Miller says:

    It was so encouraging for me to read your story. Our circumstances are very different but just like you I have no experience in sales. I am however very social with a large network of friends and family so I will use that strength to build my business. I just joined two weeks ago and hope that I can do a fraction of what you have done! Congratulations on your success!

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