WHY: Megan Arbles – Achieving Her Best Self
Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Community has always been essential to Megan Arbles. Born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii, her family was “big and close, with a lot of love and support.” Growing up, they ingrained in her that there was a formula to life – study hard, go to college and have a successful career. “When I graduated from high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do. But I loved making a difference in people’s lives and started to realize that I wanted to be in a helping profession.” Combining her passion for others with her personal interest in science led her to study pharmacy, which resulted in a career as a pharmacy manager at a locally owned grocery chain. “I love the personal interactions I have with patients, giving them recommendations, hearing how their day is going and how I’m impacting it.”

As much as Megan loved her job, it began to weigh on her as life progressed and her family grew. She was working well over 40 hours a week while raising two girls, and with the pressure of her and her husband’s combined school loans, the family had a cloud of financial anxiety looming over them. Plus, because she was so overworked, she felt that she wasn’t giving her kids her best self. “It was so frustrating to come home and feel like I had nothing left financially and emotionally…I felt like we were on a hamster wheel, just going in circles.”

“I was blessed with a good job that I loved, but behind closed doors, we were struggling. After doing everything that our parents told us to do – going to college and getting a great career – we found ourselves in this enormous debt hole that we couldn’t get out of.”

Yet, when her husband’s cousin approached her about Rodan + Fields, Megan rebuffed her. “I immediately told her, ‘I don’t have time for this. I have two little girls, I work more than 40 hours a week, I have dishes and laundry piling up. There’s no way that I can add something else.’” After a few months of continuing to say no to the opportunity, it began to “work almost like reverse psychology.” Instead of feeling confident in her resolve, she started to question all the excuses that she was giving as to why the business wasn’t a fit for her. “My Sponsor is a prominent member of the community here in Hilo. She knows about business and wouldn’t approach me if it wasn’t worthwhile. When I finally heard her out, I saw the potential.”

For Megan, having the breathing room to give her kids her full self has been an essential perk of her business.

What truly made her consider the business, though, was the thought of what it could mean for her family. “I knew I needed another source of income for my family. That feeling of not doing enough – nobody deserves it. I didn’t and my family certainly didn’t.” Megan finally took the leap and signed on as a Consultant in September of 2013, though she had no idea about skincare or running a business. “I called up one of my closest girlfriends and vented to her. I remember saying, ‘I just did something crazy – maybe even stupid – but here’s what it is.’” To Megan’s surprise, the more she vented about her decision, the more interested her friend became in joining. “She was my first business partner and that was a turning point. I realized I could just be honest and vulnerable when I share about R+F.”

By using her people skills and honest approach to sharing, Megan worked to build her business. To excel her progress, she used the leadership training and incentive programs developed by the R+F Home Office to complete goals. “The thing that’s so great about this company is that the programs and incentives are ever-evolving, and they just get better and better. We’re given all the tools and resources we need for our personal success.” After a year of hard work, Megan hit Level V – the “I made it” point of her business. However, like always, the community that she’d developed with her team and fellow leaders was the real thing that kept her going. “We come together as a big family for collaboration and teamwork. Those kinds of relationships are irreplaceable.”

Megan loves being able to show her team that they deserve to strive for more through R+F.

When her third child was born, Megan toyed with the idea of staying home with her children and running her business full time. “But when I got to the point where I could, I didn’t want to. I love my career and didn’t have to give it up because this business can be whatever you want it to be.” Now a Level V Circle Achiever, she trains her team to believe the same, that this opportunity is unique and doesn’t have to fit a certain mold. “This business has opened doors for my family. I tell my team, ‘I want that for you’ and that they deserve more. Being able to use this vehicle to get to whatever your more is, or your WHY, is amazing. This is worth investing your time in and so are you. You wouldn’t give up on your WHY, so why would you give up on yourself?”

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One response to “WHY: Megan Arbles – Achieving Her Best Self”

  1. Dinah says:

    Megan, I love your Why and your story ! You are doing what makes you happy and is best for your beautiful family~ thats the beauty of a Rodan + Fields business. It fits your life !

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