Tracé Dotson – Inspired By Excellence
Friday, August 16, 2019

Tracé Dotson has always been devoted to caring for others and willing to commit the time and energy into achieving lofty goals. Growing up in the inner-city of Detroit, she dreamed of becoming a professional dancer and a pediatrician after watching the dedication her mother and aunt had for their careers in healthcare. “My mother was an ER nurse who specialized in burns and trauma, and critical care. While I recognized she was working long hours, I also recognized her passion for it – she’s a natural caregiver. My aunt was also a nurse and seeing her compassion and hearing her stories made me want to give back to others as well.”

After ultimately deciding to pursue a career in medicine, Tracé studied zoology at Fort Valley State University as part of her premed program. All the while, she still held true to her love of dance, dancing in the school band and even co-founding a dance company with her friend and mentor at her university. “I didn’t have a sense of limitation and I felt I could do and accomplish anything with hard work.” Yet, shortly after receiving a doctorate in osteopathic medicine, she discovered she was pregnant – something she found a blessing rather than a hindrance, and it didn’t get in her way of completing her residency. “It was definitely challenging to be new in medical practice and pregnant, but I knew my faith would keep me. Also, as the only African American in my training class, I felt I had a duty to succeed so that others could see that it was possible.”

Looking for Another Way
Tracé soon began a busy career as an emergency medicine physician and continued to grow her family. To be as present as possible in her children’s lives, she chose to work overnight shifts, often coming home after 7:00 a.m. and only sleeping while her children were at school. In 2014, Tracé remarried and relocated to Florida so her husband could continue his job as a corporate chef near Orlando. Although she loved her career in the ER, she still wasn’t getting the amount of time she craved with her family. When her three eldest children had all grown, she realized that her teenage son would now be alone in the evenings due to her and her husband’s continually busy schedule. “I looked at the quality of life I wanted for my son and I knew I needed more time with him. I didn’t want to be away from him in the evenings and I’m not going to sacrifice him [and his needs] for my job.” After meeting Jennifer Tang on a physician mom’s Facebook group, Tracé learned about Rodan + Fields. “Everything she posted was about what her team had accomplished and what they’d all done collectively. It was beautiful to see that sense of empowerment in these women.” Her and Jennifer soon became friends, and Tracé was inspired by the idea of building her own community, as well as the chance to earn extra income so she could work part-time at the ER and be with her family. After looking to her faith for guidance, Tracé signed up as a Consultant in July of 2018.

Tracé with her husband and two of her children.

Finding a Community
Success started quickly for Tracé’s business, and she advanced to Executive Consultant within one month by signing on new business partners early. With a lot of hard work, she continued to grow her team by hosting events and supporting her business partners in Florida and other states to spread the word about the opportunity. After a few months in business, Tracé had the chance to attend panels in New York City with R+F Leaders, where she was able to discuss diversity and learn more about entrepreneurship. This sparked an even deeper sense of camaraderie in her. “I saw in that room what I could aspire to, and that it wasn’t impossible, and it wasn’t intangible. Now, I’m in a position where I can show others that it can be done.” Inspired by the example that the Leaders at the panel set, Tracé left the event “on fire,” determined to enhance her leadership qualities to help guide her team to success. “I’m learning how to train for this business because I don’t have any formal experience in that area, and I know how important it is for my team. They chose to join in this with me, and I don’t take that lightly.”

Tracé celebrating at an R+F event in Orlando, Florida.

Leading Through Learning
Looking forward, Tracé is excited about the possibilities her business has – not just to eventually give her the time freedom she needs to be more present for her son, but also to provide others with a sense of community and empower those who feel they aren’t properly recognized for their contributions. “I want everyone to have this awakening experience. I have fallen in love with the people in my R+F community and fallen in love with sharing it with others so they can have this too.” Now a Level II Consultant, she says she’s less concerned with titles but wants to take her business to the highest level to build a legacy for her family and team – Team SPIRIT. “I want to go as far as I can go. I know now that I can do all aspects of this business and I’m willing to put in the effort to get where I want to go.” With her desire to lead in excellence, she also makes it a priority to lift up others whenever possible, donating twenty percent of her R+F income to her alma mater for student success. “It’s important for me to pay it forward and help others achieve the success that I’ve been able to achieve.”

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24 responses to “Tracé Dotson – Inspired By Excellence”

  1. Coke Horner says:

    Dr. Dotson has been a true inspiration to each and everyone of us who have joined Rodan and Fields. She is our Rock! Congratulations!

  2. Glenda Horner says:

    So,so very proud of you🏆💕❤️😘and you realize how very,very proud your Grandmother is in heaven singing your praise👏👏👏👏 God bless and keep you in ALL endeavors!!! Love Titi, getting emotional😂 so I better go on.

  3. Yvette Banks says:

    Trace is an amazing woman. This article absolutely describes the beautiful person that she is. I am so blessed that R+F brought us together.

  4. Absolutely inspiring! Your story lifts me up everyday!! Thank you for your team dedication and everything you do! I truly believe you were meant to do great things with this business!

  5. Ronnie says:

    So enjoyed reading about your journey to a successful career and business. So very proud of you. I have witnessed your hard work, sacrafices, love for your family and passion for your new business. You are Awesome! Love you.

  6. Renee Davis says:

    So so proud of you word can’t explain you are one of a kind I have learn so much from you and still learning, keep up the good work and continue to share as you know to do, and may god continue to bless you and your Family .

  7. Renee Davis says:

    I am so proud of you and your hard work you are one of kind your success story is beautiful your story makes me work hard in what I am trying to do and I no one thing if you want it hard you will receive it. I just want to say keep up the good work and keep climbing and may god bless you and your family much love ❤️ 💯🙏🏽

  8. Trace’ Dotson says:

    Thank you so much to Rodan+Fields for allowing me this great opportunity to be featured and to share an aspect of my life that I love and believe in dearly!! This is truly a life-care, not just skincare. We, and you, can make a difference in others’ lives thru this wonderful business!!! Contact the consultant or friend who shared this to learn more, they recognize your potential!! Blessings everyone!!

  9. Jennifer Hardin says:

    So proud of you, Tracé!!! From the first time we talked, you exuded all of the qualities to become a rockstar in R+F. In addition, your passion to help others succeed will cause you and your team to soar. It’s an honor to know you.

  10. Tammara says:

    So proud of you friend! You are such an inspiration to many. I am grateful that our paths connected. Congratulations on your continued success!!!

  11. That is beautiful and heart warming.
    She breathes motivation with each accomplishment and commitment that she makes.
    Trace Dotson is a friend to those that know her and know of her.
    I admire her as a person because even without the accolades she great human being.
    I am glad and proud to be not only one of her classmates, but a person that she calls a friend.
    Knowing her is loving her and being in the CT family, there is NOTHING but love given.
    I congratulate and appreciate you.
    Thank you.

  12. Latisha Linson says:

    So excited to see you shine my friend!! Congratulations on your current success and all that God has in store for you!! Wheels up!!❤

  13. So happy for you Sis, I’m so thankful and grateful this business and our community!❤

  14. Debra Horner Braggs says:

    Trace` -Continue to follow YOUR path – as it is written in God’s book. Sharing your story and incredible Rodan and Fields journey is wonderful! It compliments your most important and valuable achievements: being a loving daughter, sister, mother, wife, cousin, aunt, faithful friend and compassionate emergency physician. And remember, you are better when you share your blessings by lifting others up. Being a Rodan and Fields consultant is the perfect gift to yourself – and others.

  15. OMG!!! Tracé! I am so proud and honored to know you and to see you share your light with the world! You are a true inspiration and a blessing to all you come into contact with. May you continue to be blessed in all you do and dream of.

  16. You are such a gem♡ To know you is to love you!! You are an inspiration. Congratulations this is still only the beginning ♡

  17. Ariel Prater says:

    Huge Congratulations on all your success Tracé! I absolutely love your story and your journey. I am beyond inspired and can not wait to meet you one day! Wishing you continued blessings and growth!!

  18. Mala Tate says:

    Wow!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you Trace. You are on fire and I see great things in your future. Stay motivated and inspired and no one can stop what God has coming your way!!!❤️❤️

  19. Nowanna Bailey says:

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring story of success. It’s so wonderful that I got a chance to meet you as you shared your R&F products in Detroit @ my high school alma mater – Cass Tech! I look forward to experiencing my skin’s renewal and an increased positive zest for life. Bless you!

  20. I humbly thank you all! I prayed over this business before I started this journey , and I prayed that it would bless those I shared it with. My heart is full!!

  21. Great, inspiring story! Happy for you, your family and all whom you touched with this opportunity, Dr Dotson.

  22. Sam says:

    I love your story♥️

  23. Diane Norvell says:

    Impressed by this hard working woman who follows her dreams and succeeds.

  24. Thank you Sam, and Felix, humbled and honored.

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