Aimee Weathers – Guiding Towards Success
Thursday, April 18, 2019

For Aimee Weathers, a fulfilling career centered around helping others was always in the front of her mind. Her father had been a teacher for twenty-five years before launching his own health insurance company, and her mother was a banker. “She was always helping people achieve their goals. Whether that was buying a home or purchasing a car – it was very rewarding for her.” With the example her parents set, Aimee dedicated herself to inspiring others towards success, first by being a preschool and first grade teacher. But as her family grew, it was important for her to stay home and be fully present in her children’s lives.

During the ten years Aimee spent as a stay-at-home mom, she launched a tutoring business, teaching hundreds of students in her area. “Looking back, that’s when the entrepreneurial spirit began to emerge.” When she was approached with a dream opportunity at the local university, mentoring other teachers in the School of Education, she jumped at it. “I’d always wanted to do that: to impact future teachers.” Meanwhile, she was still juggling the demands of her tutoring business and being a mom, and longed to let go of some of the workload. “It was taking me away from my family.”

Aimee with her husband and five children.

Finding A WHY
In 2009, Aimee and her husband adopted their fourth child from China. They knew that it was something they wanted to do again but understood it would require an extra source of income. “International adoption is expensive, but it’s worth every penny.” Working towards that goal, she continued managing her hectic schedule, but it began to take a toll on her skin in the form of cystic acne. When a friend introduced her to UNBLEMISH by Rodan + Fields, she was amazed at how “it completely changed the way my skin looked.” After some initial hesitation, Aimee joined as a Consultant in 2014 once realizing the possibility of it lightening her workload and helping them save for another adoption.

Discovering Strength
Within two months of using social media to share her results, Aimee had recouped her investment. By the ninth month, people approached her about the opportunity. “When they joined, they encouraged me to be the leader I never thought I could be.” Her business began expanding larger than she’d imagined, and in 2016 she met her WHY to adopt again. After a ton of work, she reached Level V in 2017 and became a Lexus Achiever in 2018. Yet, her proudest moments have been less about the milestones and more about how her team has come together to help others, such as during the tornado that ripped through her community last year. “Just to see our team unite, and volunteer, [to have] a team that gave up all of their commission [for relief efforts] – that really stood out to me.”

Aimee celebrating her Lexus Achievement with her team.

Living With Renewed Purpose
Since being able to let go of her tutoring business, Aimee enjoys having the time to build deep connections with her family, students and team members. Particularly, she enjoys guiding new team members through the R+F Journey and compares it to her mentorship in the classroom. “The lightbulb comes on. For a teacher, that’s what you live for. It’s the same way when I bring on a new Consultant and they have that ‘aha’ moment, when the lightbulb comes on. That’s what I live for ­– for them to see the opportunity and the potential.”

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