Catching Up With Stacey Roney

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, March 28th, 2019

Since connecting with her four years ago, Stacey continues to thrive as an RFX Circle Achiever. Her rewarding journey with R+F has been full of memorable experiences including multiple, unforgettable trips and celebrations with her global team, annual R+F Conventions and watching her husband retire twenty years ahead of schedule. One major R+F-inspired life change came after Convention in Austin, Texas, as a result of Stacey and her husband absolutely falling in love with the city during their visit. Thanks to the flexibility that her R+F business offers, they were able to move their family from Chicago and build their dream home and a new life in Austin.

“We’re just really enjoying the perks of this business, like feeling like we have more time, and the flexibility to work from anywhere.” While her journey so far has been undeniably fulfilling, Stacey continues to strive to become a better leader for her growing team and plans to thrive during her extraordinary ride with her R+F business.

Stacey Roney with her family.

Her Advice:

“Don’t prejudge who you think is going to be interested, what you think you know from social media isn’t necessarily what is going on. People join this business for different reasons, it’s not only just about earning extra income or gaining more free time, sometimes it just has to do with people wanting to have a purpose or yearning for that sense of community. And really, nowadays, no one feels safe in corporate America, so everyone is looking to diversify and have multiple streams of income for security. This business is really for anybody who wants more than what their current situation is giving them. There’s not any specific skill set that somebody needs to really be successful with Rodan + Fields. It’s about putting forth a little bit of effort every day.”



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