Catching Up With Melissa McCarthy
Tuesday, August 27, 2019

When we first featured Melissa McCarthy’s story nearly four years ago, she was “fast and furiously” working to grow her team into the amazingly successful community it is today. Now, she enjoys her well-matured business with leadership that spreads into each of Rodan + Fields’ global markets and believes in the importance of keeping a perspective on everything she and her family have experienced. “Starting this business makes you think of all the things you don’t have that you want. Once you achieve those goals, it’s easy to forget what it was like to always be juggling [responsibilities] because time truly is the ultimate luxury. When you have that, you can be so much more helpful to your family, friends and community.”

After hitting a financial ceiling as a senior account executive at a media sales company and feeling overwhelmed by her growing workload, Melissa had looked for other job opportunities. Once her first child was born, she’d dream of ways to stay home without sacrificing her income. After she found Rodan + Fields and started growing her team through hard work, she was able to achieve the time freedom that she’d longed for while making more than was likely possible in her marketing career. “When I first started, I was so laser-focused on making it to where I could leave my corporate job and be home with my kids. As they got older, there were all these things that came up that we needed more time for that we wouldn’t have been able to do if it wasn’t for this business.”

Melissa is proud to represent strong leadership at R+F.

Melissa is thankful for the opportunity to spend time with other Leaders on her team during R+F trips, and how her Consultant community has been able to join her in success. “To see so many others have the type of success that we’ve had and see how their journeys have evolved has been incredible. It’s unbelievably fulfilling for me.” She’s excited to build her business into a lasting legacy by continuing to develop strong Leaders who instill confidence in their teammates and by sharing the joy of the R+F community with others. “The exposure to how different everybody is at R+F is beautiful. People come into this business for so many different reasons and it takes them to different places, but when you get to know these incredible people, it opens your eyes to what’s possible.”


“As this company continues to expand into new countries and new innovations, I think the biggest message to keep in your back pocket is that this opportunity and these products can appeal to every single person that you talk to. We have so much to offer that rather than thinking of the perfect person to fit in the perfect box, talk to everybody. This opportunity will always appeal to somebody if you’re always sharing it.”

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